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Coil Innovation supplies 525 kV CLRs for SRP in Arizona/USA

Salt River Project (SRP), one of the largest public power utilities in the US, identified potential short circuit issues in their bulk power system, in case of realization of future interconnection projects. Based on the results of intensive studies it was decided to install current limiting reactors between Palo Verde and Hassayampa switchyard.

In May 2016 Coil Innovation was awarded with the supply of these current limiting reactors. The reactors are intended to reduce the fault current to approximately 50kA. The reactor impedance per phase is 12 Ohms and the current rating is 3600 A with an overload capability of 4500 A for 30 minutes. The figure shows the assembly of a single-phase reactor, consisting of two stacked series connected coil units, prepared for dielectric tests, which have been successfully performed at the Technical University of Graz in November 2016.

525 kV CLRs for SRP in Arizona/USA

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