Code of Conduct for Suppliers of Coil Innovation

For Coil Innovation, sustainability is not just a trend, but a fixed component of corporate policy.

For Coil Innovation this means: Taking responsibility for employees, ensuring fair dealings with partners and suppliers, and acting in an environmentally and climate-conscious manner. Coil Innovation is committed to a sustainable, fair society and Coil Innovation products also make an important contribution to the energy transition.

As an internationally active company, Coil Innovation is committed to strengthening human rights and improving working conditions within its supply chains.

In the context of sustainability an intensive dialogue with stakeholders and the binding establishment of long-term partnerships is extremely important to Coil Innovation. After all, long-term improvements can only be brought about if all those involved work towards common goals.

Coil Innovation expects its suppliers to fully comply with applicable laws and internationally recognised environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards.

Coil Innovation also expects its suppliers to give their best efforts to implement these standards in their suppliers and subcontractors.

In particular, Coil Innovation expects you, as a supplier, to recognise, support and comply with the following ESG standards.


  1. You comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations.
  2. You promote the safe and environmentally sound design, manufacture, transport, use and disposal of your products.
  3. You use appropriate management systems to ensure that product quality and safety meet applicable requirements.
  4. You protect the life and health of your employees and neighbours as well as the public against hazards that may emanate from your manufacturing processes and products.
  5. You use resources efficiently, employ energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. You use resources efficiently, use energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies and reduce your waste and emissions to air, water and soil.
  6. You reduce the impact of your activities on biodiversity, climate change and water scarcity.


  1. You support the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, fight against forced labour (including modern slavery and human trafficking) and child labour.
  2. You support the right to organise and the right to collective bargaining in accordance with applicable laws.
  3. You act in accordance with applicable legal and international standards regarding health and safety at work and ensure safe working conditions.
  4. You treat your employees with respect and create a workplace free from harassment or abuse of any kind, without harsh and inhumane treatment and free from unlawful practices or discrimination.
  5. You enable your employees or other stakeholders to report concerns or potential unlawful practices in the workplace.
  6. You adhere to minimum wages and working hours in accordance with local laws and ensure compensation for a living wage in accordance with local living conditions.
  7. You do not supply products containing conflict minerals that directly or indirectly finance or support armed groups and cause human rights abuses, as described in Annex II of the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines for Promoting Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict and High-Risk Areas (OECD DDG). We expect you to conduct your due diligence on minerals supply chains in accordance with the OECD DDG recommendations.

Corporate governance

  1. You comply with all applicable national and international trade laws and regulations, in particular, but not exclusively, the rules of antitrust law, trade control and sanctions regulations.
  2. You consider corporate integrity as the basis for business relations.
  3. You prohibit all forms of bribery, corruption and money laundering.
  4. You prohibit gifts to private or public officials that are intended to influence or influence business decisions or otherwise induce them to violate their obligations.
  5. You respect the privacy and confidential information of all your employees and business partners and protect data and intellectual property from misuse.
  6. You implement an appropriate compliance management system that supports compliance with applicable laws, rules and standards.
  7. You use confidential information appropriately and protect it accordingly. You shall ensure that sensitive data and the valid intellectual property rights of your own employees and business partners are protected. You shall not use the names, brands or products of your customers for advertising purposes without prior written consent.
  8. Your information systems containing Coil Innovation’s confidential information or data will be appropriately managed and will be protected against unauthorised access and the unauthorised use, disclosure, modification or destruction of the data. You collect personal information only for legitimate business purposes, and you use it only in a legal, transparent and secure manner and disclose it only to persons authorised to access it. You retain stored information only as long as necessary. You commit third parties with access to personal information to protect it.

It is important to Coil Innovation to ensure the principles of sustainable development in its supply chain. You can acknowledge the above principles by signing this document and/or demonstrate your commitment to these principles through your own code of conduct or company policy that incorporates these standards. In any case, as indicated on Coil Innovation orders, you agree to the above principles by the order confirmation. Coil Innovation reserves the right to conduct audits or assessments to ensure your compliance with laws, rules and standards and will take appropriate action regarding the business relationship if there is cause for concern.

Coil Innovation further reserves the right to terminate any relationship if there is a breach of the International Principles and no action is taken to remedy such breaches or systemic breaches are identified.

If you have any concerns about unlawful conduct or misconduct, please contact the appropriate Coil Innovation Compliance Officer at the following email address: