Reactors for Industrial and Mobility Applications

Reactors for industrial applications may be, for example, smoothing reactors used in power electronics applications such as variable speed drives and uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS). Smoothing and converter reactors are further used for mobility applications, such as for railway converters. Typical industrial applications are Static Var Compensation (SVC) and STATCOMs employed in steelworks, in particular in operations with electric arc-furnaces (EAF).

In the power supply of electric arc-furnaces (EAF) series reactors may also be installed, called arc-furnace reactors or sometimes buffer reactors. The function of these reactors is to help optimize the power factor for the purpose of stabilizing the electric arc during the melting process and to reduce the electrode consumption. They are typically equipped with taps for inductance adjustment.

Thyristor-controlled Shunt Reactor for Industrial Application

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