Mission Statement

Coil Innovation has set business goals which are determined by 7 principles.

1. The customer determines our actions.

We assist our customers in increasing their competitiveness; the customer’s benefit is our objective.

2. We design through innovation and quality.

By following our guiding principle “Excellence through Ingenuity” we cultivate a pronounced culture of innovation in our enterprise.

3. We operate successfully.

We work with focus on results and pursue permanent added value.

4. The potentials lie in our staff.

We understand our enterprise not only as an organization, rather more as a living organism.

5. Learning makes us better.

All our staff do their best to learn continuously.  We always compare ourselves with the best across the international competition.

6. We assume responsibility for the protection of our environment.

We want environmental protection to be a part of corporate culture.

7. We are committed to ethics and compliance.

Driven by our culture of integrity we apply a comprehensive Code of Conduct and promote it within our company and to the outside world.