Our Guiding Principle "Excellence through Ingenuity"

Innovation and quality are the key elements of the strategic alignment of Coil Innovation.

The implementation of this guiding principle is realized among other things, by an advanced reactor design process utilizing 3D-CAD software as well as by Coil lnnovation’s modern winding production technology that employs an integrated online-conductor-processing to shape and insulate the coil conductor prior to winding onto the mandrel. At the core of this patented process is an adaptive control system that links the winding machine to the conductor-processing unit in order to produce a highly compact and dimensionally accurate winding.

Many clients, having visited the ultra-modern reactor production facilities in Eferding, have witnessed the high level of innovation and quality in the design and production of air-core dry-type reactors and can attest to Coil lnnovation being the technological market leader.