patented innovations

The R&D vitality of Coil lnnovation is verified by a number of patented innovations:

  • Patented winding manufacturing technology (online-conductor-processing)
  • Patented low-noise design (silent coil technology)
  • Patented seismic design for heavy coils (pendulum suspension mounting)
  • Patented 3-phase arrangement of thyristor-controlled reactors (TCRs)
  • Fiberglass-fittings for spiderless winding design
  • Packaging-optimized coil design (“Russian Doll Concept”)

Sound requirements have become increasingly stringent as substations and residential areas encroach upon each other. ln 2008, Coil lnnovation introduced its patented low-noise air-core reactors to the market place.

Since then, many of Coil lnnovation’s low-noise reactors have been supplied to installations around the world.