Reactors for HVDC and UHVDC Applications

High and ultra-high voltage direct current (HVDC / UHVDC) transmission schemes are used for bulk power transmission. The systems are also used for back-to-back and sea cable interconnections, as well as for the grid connection of renewable energy facilities such as offshore windfarms. Depending on the converter technology, LCC (line-commutated converters) and/or VSC (voltage source converters), these schemes include smoothing or converter reactors, AC and DC harmonic filter reactors and PLC-noise filter reactors.

Smoothing reactors reduce the ripple current magnitude that is present in a DC system.

Smoothing reactors are installed in HVDC schemes with system voltages up to 1100kV and may reach 250MVAr equivalent power ratings (50Hz equivalent power) per coil unit.

AC Filter Yard of an HVDC Converter Station
800 kV HVDC Smoothing Reactor
600 kV HVDC Smoothing Reactor

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