Air-core dry-type reactors

Coil Innovation specialises in the design, manufacture and sales of power inductors for electrical power systems, especially of air-core dry-type reactors.

Air-core dry-type reactors are mainly employed in electric power transmission and distribution systems as well as in electric power systems of electrical plants. They are installed to protect these systems and to increase their efficiency.

As a special application air-core dry-type reactors will also be used in electrical test laboratories and research institutions.

With the ongoing development of electrical power technology, especially through the increased use of semiconductors in electric power systems, the requirements of power inductors have changed during the last decades. The application spectrum for air-core dry-type reactors has been extended, caused by economic advantages of the air-core reactor technology in comparison with iron-core reactors and by the benefits of the linear characteristics of air-core reactors.

230 kV Current Limiting Reactors (USA)
The utilization of new weatherproof insulation materials and advanced manufacturing technologies have facilitated the use of air-core dry-type reactors up to the highest voltage and power levels.

Air-core dry-type reactors do not utilize an oil insulation system. They are environmentally-friendly and there are no fire hazard concerns. Furthermore, air-core dry-type reactors are essentially maintenance-free.

Current Limiting and Neutral Grounding Reactors

Current limiting reactors are needed to limit short-circuit currents to a level compatible with the capability of other system components.

Harmonic Filter Reactors and Capacitor Reactors

Harmonic filter reactors are used in combination with capacitors and resistors to form filter circuits that reduce the harmonic content in power systems.

Shunt Reactors

Coil lnnovation’s shunt reactors are used to compensate capacitive reactive power generated by lightly loaded transmission lines or underground cables.

Reactors for FACTS Applications

Flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS) application includes several types of reactors.

Reactors for HVDC and UHVDC Applications

High and ultra-high voltage direct current (HVDC / UHVDC) transmission schemes are used for bulk power transmission.

Reactors for Industrial and Mobility Applications

Reactors for industrial applications may be, for example, smoothing reactors used in power electronics applications such as variable speed drives and uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS).

Power Line Carrier Reactors (Line Traps)

Power line carrier (PLC) technology is a traditional, economical and reliable method of power systems communication.

Test Reactors

Test reactors are installed in high-voltage and high-power test laboratories.

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