Since starting production in May 2005 Coil Innovation has gained increasing recognition on the international market. Many clients, having visited the ultra-modern reactor production facility in Eferding, were able to convince themselves of the high level of innovation and quality in the design and production of air-core dry-type reactors and attest the technological market leadership of Coil Innovation.

Already within the first year of production Coil Innovation received reactor orders for electrical power systems in all continents. These deliveries include reactors for Static Var Compensation (SVC) for industrial applications, e.g. in electric steel production, as well as for utility applications in electrical energy transmission systems, as for instance the SVC schemes of the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) in Saudi Arabia or Duke Energy in the US.

Furthermore, Coil Innovation has been able to establish itself as an approved supplier of reactors for High Voltage DC transmission systems (HVDC), as for example for the new HVDC schemes “Estlink” (DC Link between Estonia and Finland) or “NorNed” (Norway – Netherlands Sea Cable DC Link).

One year after production start-up Coil Innovation increases the production capacity by a first extension of the site in Eferding.